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Bring the Elegance of Stained Glass
into Your Kitchen or Bath

Decorative Glass makes it easy to add color, texture. Your home is your refuge from the outside world, a place where you surround yourself with family, memories, treasure and laughter. Because no two people are alike, no two homes are identical, either.

Even if your house looks like every other house on the block from the outside, on the inside, you have a chance to express your individuality, to make your house a place that reflects who you are.

There are countless ways to personalize your living space. Even a fresh coat of paint in a new color can make a big difference. When you think about ways to enhance your windows, instead of drapes, consider decorative glass. It is easier than you think to add the distinctive touch of stained glass to your windows.

Stained Glass Overlay (SGO) creates beautiful glass using colors and patterns that complement your existing design scheme. "We bring the traditions, craftsmanship and artisanship from early centuries to our art and trade everyday," says company president Michael Cassidy. The company offers over 200 colors and textures to choose from when making your selection. Each project is handcrafted; the glass is UV resistant and as durable as safety glass. "Our designers handle all the details as they work together with the customer to enhance the windows and glass that surround their life," adds Cassidy.

A decorative glass panel can be swapped out for existing glass, which is the case with smaller pieces, such as cabinet windows, or it can be installed up against the existing glass, creating a seamless appearance. The process used to apply the stained glass pattern to the glass makes it extremely strong and allows for versatility of installation.

While decorative glass can be used in any window, two rooms that really benefit from the color and interest it adds are the kitchen and the bathroom. The possibilities are endless. Your kitchen window looks out on your neighbor's garage? Choose decorative glass in the Rose Bouquet or Autumn Jewels pattern, and you will have a view of beautiful flowers all year round. In the bathroom, you can add privacy to the glass shower stall by adding decorative glass. Try "Seaside Whisper" for a water-inspired theme.

If you need help deciding on a design, don't worry. Your SGO designer has an extensive library and catalog of custom work the company has completed for clients over the years. The patterns represent blueprints of history, culture and modern design. Your designer can offer suggestions and provide valuable tips on which design and colors would work best for you.

For example, when choosing colors for your decorative glass, keep in mind that bright, intense colors will add warmth to north-facing rooms that get little or no sunlight. On the other hand, cool colors, such as blues and greens, can cool down a south-facing room subjected to too much sunlight.

In addition to adding interest to your windows, decorative glass can also solve some common problems by adding privacy, blocking out UV rays that can fade furniture and carpets, and dealing with unique shaped windows that can be hard to accessorize.

Decorative glass can also be used in front-door sidelights, skylights, ceiling light panels, light boxes, mirrors, sliding glass doors, cabinet and furniture doors and room dividers -- just use your imagination. "Any room and any home can be made more personal and more beautiful with the addition of decorative glass," says Cassidy.

Stained Glass Overlay serves customers across North America and in over 30 countries around the world. For more information on finding the designer nearest you, or to find out about franchise opportunities, visit or call . Courtesy of ARA Content 

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