Dezignaré Interior Design Collective, Inc.

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NEW MEXICO (NM) Interior Designers
State License - Title Act - Licensed Interior Designer (LID)New Mexico Board of Interior Design EST. 1989

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Dezignaré Interior Design Collective, Inc.

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TYPE OF SPECIALTY (C) COMMERCIAL: Corporate Headquarters, Offices (E) ENTERTAINMENT: Auditoriums, Casinos, Country Clubs, Cruise Ships, Theme Parks (FM) FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Building Operations, Construction Maintenance, Realtors, Security (G) GOVERNMENT/INSTITUTIONAL: Auditoriums, Child Care, Correctional Facilities, Defense Base Facilities, Educational Facilities, Embassies, Libraries, Museums, Recreational Facilities, Transportation Terminals, Visitor Centers (H) HOSPITALITY: Casinos, Corporate, Country Clubs, Cruise Ships, Employee Dining Facilities, Fast Food, Hotels, Restaurants (HC) HEALTHCARE: Acute, Assisted, Ambulatory, Cooperative, Home, Hospice, Long-term, Mobile, Palliative Care, Respite, Short-term, Skilled (HR) HISTORIC RESTORATION & RENOVATION: Restore, Renovate Architectural Treasures (R) RESIDENTIAL: Custom Homes, Kitchen and Bath, Model Homes, Remodeling (RT) RETAIL: Exhibits, Retailers, Service Businesses, Showrooms

"Interior Designer: Means any person who engages in the practice of Interior Design or holds himself/herself out to the public by any title or description of services representing himself/herself as an Interior Designer, which incorporate the words "Interior Designer", or "Designer", or when a person describes himself/herself as above and, under such title or description, offers to render or renders services involving the applications of principles, method and procedures of the profession of Interior Design to persons for compensation or other personal gain. Unless licensed to practice interior design under the Professional Interior Design Act, no person shall engage in the practice of interior design or use the title or represent himself/herself as an Interior Designer or use any other title, abbreviation, letter, signs or devices that indicate the person is an Interior Designer."